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October 4, 2022 seminar Arbitration for all: Treasures and traps.  

October 4th (Tue). Secretary General of IACT explained the strategic considerations in arbitration, including how to draft arbitration clauses in anticipation of, or in the event of IP disputes. 

Robot hand

Aug 22 webinar: The Inventing Robot 

August 22 (Mon) 9:45 -10:45 PM EST, Professor Ryan Abbott will explain today's environments for AI-driven inventions. 


Past Event (affiliated): Patents in Telecom/Internet of Things

IACT's Chair, Judge Randall Rader spoke at a seminar "Patents in Telecom" at the University College of London on May 26, 27,  2022.

In Negotiation

Past webinar IP-ADR on Newest Global Battles 知財紛争解決での仲裁・裁判の活用 

On February 25 2022, Internationally recognized  Judge Takabe, Ms Yoshimi Ohara, Mr York Faulkner, Mr. Makoto Hattori, Mr Tom Jarvis, Dr Ryan Abbott, Mr. Robert Parker talked about IP disputes resolution. 


Past Webinar: Managing Coronavirus Impact on Litigation Operations—Mediation & Arbitration

Global Coronavirus outbreak forces a strategic response in the field of dispute resolution. How should companies act? 

City Center

Past webinar: Strategies to defend against trade secret theft

November 5th (Fri) 6:45 -7:45 PM EST, Professor Jonas Anderson from Washington College of Law teaches what we should know about ongoing trade secret battles. 

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Past Event: Strategies and Global Solutions Using International Arbitration and Mediation for IP Disputes

Japan Patent Office, Orrick, and IACT hosted a seminar on International Arbitration and Mediation (ADR) to solve intellectual property disputes on February 14, 2020. 

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